Medieval Software was born out of my love for software development and the medieval times. At the moment it isn't much of a company, it's more of a self hosted platform/blog for my thoughts and endeavors.


I'm Dane, some sort of a programmer.

I love reverse engineering old stuff, particularly RuneScape from the early-mid 2000s. The cpu rendering in particular is what got me into it, then I fell into a rabbit hole of audio synthesis and custom network protocols atop TCP.


My skills vary widely from backend to frontend, ranging from fiddling with bits over custom internet protocols - to creating sleek and responsive websites. I've been a hobbyist all my life and a professional since 2019.


Most of my posts are devblogs of my current project Rune Synergy, and maybe some random experiments on the side.

You might want to stick around if you enjoy the following topics:

  • Software Rasterization
  • Audio Synthesizing
  • 3D Modelling
  • Medieval styled RPGs