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An old school RuneScape Private Server that aims to recreate the nostalgic experience of 2005.


Rune Synergy aims to fulfill all of the content of RuneScape leading up to 27th June 2005 (Recruitment Drive) with the possibility of moving forward while staying loyal to the original theme of the game.

🏘️ Community-driven development

Whether you're a player, developer, or just someone with a curiosity for game design: your feedback, contributions, and ideas will help shape the future of the games development. Join our active and welcoming community on Discord, where you can contribute, ask questions, or just chat with fellow RuneScape enthusiasts.

📜 Devblogs

Stay updated on our progress through our regular devblogs, where we'll share insights into our development process, challenges, and milestones.

🌎 Centrally hosted

After much consideration, it made the most sense that the game should be centrally hosted to foster a healthy ecosystem, as opposed to being entirely open sourced and ran independently. This means that as development progresses, the player base will feel the changes and contributions together, hopefully allowing for more effective feedback.


It features a front and backend entirely written in Go that focuses on serving as a RuneScape Engine. Currently the engine has no name, but Rune Synergy will be its first game. Think Garry's Mod but for RuneScape.

This means the game client and server have been rewritten from the ground up with all of our workflow goals in mind, allowing for more than just an original experience for now!

⌨️ Scriptable

Scripting is not only a facet for extensibility, it provides realtime feedback, and offers an efficient platform for debugging and collaboration.

(Insert cool live scripting graphic here)

🛠️ Tooling

Eventually, tooling will be provided to allow streamlined management and creation of assets such as 3D models, animations, sound effects, and more. Currently models and animations will be done through Blender, and sound effects through a custom JagFX-like interface.

(Insert cool tooling preview here)